Garden in constant change

From a newspaper article published in Nerikes Allehanda, 2006-08-02

There is purling, chirping, wizzing and ringing. It smells sweet, moist, soil and fresh. But foremost, it is calm. At Ulf Åkerberg Hallberg the summer is showing itself as a cool and damp oasis.

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In reality we find ourselves in a spring garden.

- " This is the groves plants," Ulf Åkerberg Hallberg explains.

But when July turns into August and the drought makes it self reminded, then the garden in Brickeberg makes itself look like the best place to spend hot summer days. Through lush passage ways, over beautiful marble and natural stones, past gorgeous green plants Pia Åkerbergs and Ulf Åkerberg Hallbergs jungle garden slither forth.

- "I think the leaves and trunks are important. To weave together plants with leaves are interesting, " says Ulf.

He keeps talking, tells involving and detailed about every leave or formula. The garden is filled with things to discover. The Japan- and Chinese inspired theme is recurring in the form of plants and figures. Bamboo, grass and conifers. Small buddahstatues in porcelain, tempels and pots. The things Ulf and Pia has found on markets and sales.

- "Everywhere we stop and search during vacation. I try to use what I find. I don't like going to places like the nurseries and buy the same as everyone else, " says Ulf.

And everywhere you can see the traces of his discoveries. The garden is literally filled with old rusty scrapmetal. An old rake becomes a fence. A tractorpart works as a seat. Big round well locks that Ulf has found on the dump is lying on the ground forming one of the walkways.

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Bild 4 Ulf is shining with joy when he shows us around the leaves and plants. Two to three hours joy is all that is needed to attend to the garden, he says smiling.

- "It's supposed to be fun, some humor. It is great if you can use your childish imagination. It should be homely and personal. "

Instead of bringing souvenirs with them home from the trip Ulf and Pia brings a rose from Österlen each summer. That way the garden has grown, and keeps growing. Just like the tree grows higher towards the sky, new seeds are planted and the ideas sprout in Ulfs mind.

- "It's not supposed to be finished." He says shortly about the garden.

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They bought the land in 1980 that was filled with pines and birch, since then the work has uninterupted continued. Right now Ulf is working on alpine plants. Nice row of plants stands lined up, over 1 000 pots is used every year. New pathways has been dug up, and the trees has swapped places. Sort of like refurnishing in your living room.

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Bild 8 - "When I stopped playing soccer 1980 I had to find something else to do" Ulf tells us.

Since then gardening has been his big passion. Along with orienteering that he regulary returnes to. Because the similarities between gardening and orienteering shows themselves to be many.

- "This is stretching and strenght. The orienteering I have as a form of joyfull exercise," says Ulf.

He can't understand those who says they don't have time for a garden. It's about prioritizing. And even if Ulf Åkerberg Hallberg seems to be a busy and driven person, there is a calm about him and his house.

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- "This is a way to shut yourself of from the world. You create your own paradise," he explains.

From a newspaper report in Nerikes Allehanda.
Published 2006-08-02



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